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BELLECANDLES s.r.o. - hand painted candles

We are Czech company manufacturing the gift candles with specific shape and decorated by hand paintings. We have been producing these flat candles already since 2001 and now we have more than 100 collections with different hand painted designs. We come with bright new collections every year. Besides domestic market we export to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Poland and other countries.

Each candle is made by hand from a special mixture of paraffin which enables to make an extraordinary flat shape and helps the candle to stay firm during burning without dropping down. Later our painters make one of our decorations on the surface of the candle using their skilled hands and a brush. At the end we fix the candle into metal stand and put it into the gift box. The candle is not only the source of light in your home but mainly a gift and an interior decoration.

We manufacture also candles with private paintings demanded by customer or printed with logos or trademarks in any colors. These candles became popular advertising gifts.

Company BELLECANDLES s.r.o. is also an exclusive distributor of candles made by German producer Flügel Kerzen on the Czech market.

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