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About us

The production of hand-painted candles was started by the BELLECANDLES company in 2002. In Libochovice, at the foot of the Central Bohemian Highlands, we produce candles which, with their unique shape and method of decoration, have gained a firm place in the country and foreign markets. From the very beginning, we pay attention to manual processing and thanks to the skill of our painters, we bring customers a product with wit, elegance, which is an unusual gift and interior accessory.

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Our production program is focused on an assortment of flat candles with sequent finishing in more than 100 various decors. Each candle is thanks to hand processing a unique original. Year-long motifs are complemented by winter and wedding motifs. The important part of the production is the processing of customer requirements for their own decors, both in the form of hand-painted and, above all, printed logos. These candles are a popular promotional item. The basis is the processing of quality raw materials and a high degree of added value in the form of hand-painted decors. Candles are packed in a gift box.